Who is Capax?


At Capax we have a dedicated goal of becoming as sustainable as possible. We find great inspiration in our partners including Novo Nordisk and Energinet, who are both are both working to increase energy efficiency and to reduce waste.

With our headquarters being located in the heart of Copenhagen’s new sustainable city district – Nordhavn, Capax is surrounded by sustainable solutions and initiatives. Through DGNB certified building projects, energy efficient neighborhoods as well as being in close proximity to public transportation, Nordhavn is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions by 70% by 2030.

We believe that business competitiveness and responsibility go hand in hand. For that reason, we take pride in following the example set by customers such as By & Havn. Throughout all their projects, By & Havn chooses to focus on development – not just ecologically but also socially and financially. Sustainability for Capax means to handle issues through an environmentally conscious lens. We also believe that optimization isn’t just about solving more tasks in less time. It is just as important to optimize the consumption of everyday products and resources.

Because of this we have introduced a list of initiatives to make Capax more sustainable:


  • Transportation: It is very important for us to minimize our carbon footprint. We encourage our employees to ride their bike, use public transportation, electric cars or simply walk. Currently more than 80% of our employees ride their bike or use public transportation to and from work, 14% walk or drive an electric car, while only 6% use cars running on fossil fuels.
  • Paper reduction: We put great effort in using as little paper as possible – therefore, we prefer digital documents over physical ones. When we do print, we do it on recycled paper and on both sides as to half the amount of paper consumed.
  • Reducing food waste: We adapt how much lunch we order based on how many people are physically present in the office, so we can reduce our food waste as much as possible. We also have a day a week where we only serve vegetarian food to reduce our meat consumption. Last but not least, we have lunch boxes in which our employees can bring home any potential leftovers.
  • Energy optimization: The lights in our office are controlled by motions censors. That means no lamps will use unnecessary energy. Additionally, we have installed a master switch, which can turn off all power after the workday is over.

Our history


Capax is established in collaboration between the Danish Engineering Society, IDA’s, daughter company, Teknologiens Mediehus, and Christina Just. The move responds to growing market demand for IT specialists, engineers, and both managers and leaders with a STEM background. Due to the high demand and the close collaboration with IDA helped us build out a position as Denmark’s leading specialist search and recruitment company.


Capax becomes the largest engineering search company in Denmark. 
As a fast growing company, Capax receives the esteemed Gazelle price from Børsen for the second consecutive year.

Capax adds Henrik Winther, Executive Vice President for COWI Denmark, to its board, which boosts its profile and adds extra professional gravitas and ability.


Capax becomes an independent consultancy company after a management buy-out. The move reflects a desire to pursue business opportunities within a broader range of specialist areas. At the same time, Emil Plaugmann joins the partner team. Emil has been a part of Capax since 2010 and has been instrumental in Capax’ growth.  

Our culture & values

We have a ”can do” mentality. Our ambition is to solve all assignments and projects optimally, no matter their degree of difficulty. It is an ambition we are proud to pursue and achieve.

Capax has a well-documented track record of successfully finding and matching the optimal candidates to complex, technical job positions.

Our success is partly due to viewing every assignment as an honest collaboration where we add our expertise and skills to yours. An early step in any project or assignment is a clear and objective analysis using our competencies and industry knowledge to evaluate what can – and what cannot – be achieved.

It is important that we both understand and agree on the task at hand, the content of the position you are looking to fill, the profiles we are looking for, and what it is possible to achieve before we start working on a project.

We believe in openness, honesty, and meeting you where you are – with a clear eye on your goals and ambitions. We function as your collaborator and partner and are proud of our long-lasting and solid customer relations. We go that extra step to ensure that you are satisfied and that we reach your goal with any recruitment assignment.

It is important for us that we are the right match for you.

Our consultants

Highly specialised recruitment consultants

Our consultants are highly specialised in the headhunting of IT specialists, engineers, and both managers and leaders with a STEM background. We also solve consultancy projects in connection with recruitment processes, outplacements, and freelance hires.

All consultants have a minimum of a candidate’s degree and are among the best of their respective years. As the only company in the Danish recruitment industry, we offer a graduate programme where our new employees are introduced to and trained in using all relevant recruitment tools and receive full training in the role of recruitment consultants.

This helps us ensure that all employees have an in-depth understanding of their industry and role, the industries they recruit for, and have received the full training needed to find and recruit highly sought-after profiles.

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