Having to let one or more employees go is hard for both the employees and your company. Both parties have many things to consider, not least how to ensure that the employee or employees are best equipped for their next career steps. This is core to helping all parties through a difficult time and process.

At Capax, we are specialists in recruitment across industries and companies with a need for IT specialists and engineers. We have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the space and a broad national and international network.

We offer tailored outplacement processes that assist your company and the affected individuals, to achieve the best possible outcome.

All our outplacement processes are tailored to the individual and based on the person’s competencies, development potential and wishes. The terminated employee receives in-depth sparring from our specialised career consultants and are helped on to their next career step. Furthermore, the individual employee is advised on success factors such as CV formulation, job search, and activating their network.

outplacement process

Outplacement process


A Basic procedure starts with a personality test that can help clarify the process and acts as a core component throughout. Then, a career consultant is assigned to the individual as a guide and sparring partner during the subsequent steps.

The process is tailored to the individual’s wishes and needs.

We focus on creating clarity around the individual’s competencies, goals, and values.


A Premium process is initiated similarly to a Basic process with a personality test. This test plays a central role for subsequent procedures. Furthermore, a personal career consultant is assigned.

In addition, the Premium option adds access to, and activation of, a professional network which contributes with sparring and inspiration.

The process is structured to identify the individual’s wishes, goals, and needs.


The Executive process is optimised for leaders and managers. It is initiated similarly to a Basic or Premium option with a personality test that informs and supports the rest of the process.

As part of the Executive option, the terminated leader has access to and support from consultants and advisors with in-depth knowledge of the job market and the challenges and considerations facing a leader looking for their next management position.

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