How We Recruit

At Capax, we tailor our services specifically to each individual recruitment and company.


In collaboration with you, we conduct an in-depth analysis and definition of the recruitment task before starting the actual recruitment process. With our unique industry knowledge and focus on your needs, we ensure that you attract the best candidates for your company. We are experts in IT recruitment as well as in recruiting engineers and technical leaders, and since 2010, we have built a candidate database with over 75,000 specialized profiles.

For every recruitment, a senior recruitment consultant is appointed, responsible for ensuring that the task is completed on time and with high quality. This means that each recruitment is led by an experienced senior recruitment consultant, working together with both a recruitment consultant and a researcher to ensure that the task is solved within the defined framework.

Having successfully completed more than 3000 complex tech recruitments, we understand the recruitment process from both sides of the table and assist both small and large companies across industries

The Recruitment Process 

All information tied to a recruitment is handled with strict confidentiality. This applies to all aspects of the process, including what information you wish potential candidates to have access to and the information you wish to receive about potential candidates. 

A recruitment process usually lasts between five and eight weeks. It has the following stages:

The communication with the consultants was excellent. In addition to the planned meetings and phone calls, there was a good transfer of information in the many status emails. The candidate presentations were really positive. It was easy to form a personal impression of all the candidates from the consultants' summaries."

Karl Johan Lisby, Head of DevOps & Framework

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Capax was on the ball the entire time, very proactive and adaptable when it came to the candidates. They were good at keeping them engaged, and the handover went smoothly. Capax took great responsibility in the recruitment process, and it was reassuring that the resources didn't have to come from us. Overall, we have felt very secure and could, with peace of mind, choose from a very varied field of candidates."

Simon Rath, CRO

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Capax breathed new life into our recruitment process. Their approach to the task was completely different from what we have experienced with previous partners. They were extremely skilled at communicating the positions, as well as NTG as a company. They can definitely give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back."

Jesper B. Ørvad, Group Director

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100% successful recruitment – more is always better! There was good dialogue throughout the process, and Capax was always easy to contact. It was nice to be able to follow along from the sidelines, always knowing how far they were in the process. They had a completely different angle on the job description, and it was interesting to be challenged on our usual processes."

Michael Nielsen, Agile People Leader

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Capax was a great help when we needed to hire 3 project managers for our site development group. They had a high success rate and hit the mark with the candidates. 5 out of 5 potential candidates were a professional match, and we hired 3 strong profiles within the agreed timeframe. All in all, we are left with a good gut feeling and 3 highly qualified project managers for our team."


Jesper Folke Andersen, Teamleder, Projekt Rens & Afløb

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You’ve found the person that was perfect for us. It was a difficult position, a very technical job. We reached out to a contact regarding your proposed candidate, who told us that there are two people in Denmark that can do what we are trying to do, and this is one of them, that is testament to you finding the best candidate.”

Tom Greene, Chief Growth Officer

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We chose Capax based on their strong track record in technical recruitments and experience with IAM profiles. They seemed robust, had a good process, and were thoughtful. I was definitely satisfied with their results and have chosen to continue the good collaboration with more recruitments. I have also recommended them to some of our other departments."

Jørgen Papadopoulos, Partner

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Capax has delivered a competent service in recruiting specialist positions in the IT field. Their consultants have deep market insight and a good understanding of the challenges therein. We experienced professional advice and collaboration throughout the process, where we, as partners, had an open dialogue and regular check-ins, which contributed to a high level of customer satisfaction."

Dennis Paydar Huynh, Team Lead, Talent Acquisition

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Capax deserves great praise for their work ethic and results. I hadn't expected that we would have come so far in such a short time in an otherwise demanding process. It was easy to give them free rein with the recruitments, and focus my energy on my own work, while still achieving highly satisfactory results. Especially our Hiring Managers were thrilled with their status emails, making it easy to always return and get a good overview of potential candidates."

Jonas Fabricius-Bekker, Head of People

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We have achieved a really good result. The ongoing dialogue/communication went well, where Capax took good action on that part of the process. All in all, a good experience."

Niels Henrik Wulff, Director, Command Control & Planning

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Emil Plaugmann

Emil Plaugmann