How We Recruit

At Capax, we tailor our services to the specific recruitment process. The starting point is an in-depth analysis and project definition, which is carried out in cooperation with you before starting the recruitment process.

A senior recruitment consultant is designated as the lead for any given assignment. This senior consultant is responsible for completing the task on time and delivering the highest quality possible. This means that any recruitment is led by an experienced professional who, together with other Capax consultants and researchers, ensures that the task is solved successfully and meets the set criteria.

The Recruitment Process 

All information tied to a recruitment is handled with strict confidentiality. This applies to all aspects of the process, including what information you wish potential candidates to have access to and the information you wish to receive about potential candidates. 

A recruitment process usually lasts between five and eight weeks. It has the following stages:

Our Services

Search &

Our Search & Selection process identifies potential candidates in Denmark and, when relevant, abroad. The approach ensures that you get the broadest possible pool of qualified candidates to choose among.

Our consultants take responsibility for making sure that you end up with the right candidate for the open position – whether they may be found in Denmark or abroad.

Limited search

Limited Search aims to provide easy and quick access to IT specialists, engineers, and managers and leaders with a STEM background. These experts and unique profiles are often difficult to engage without a strong network. This network is one of the qualities and services that Capax offers.

We have created a Talent Map covering a range of specialist fields and profiles and continually identify candidates with specific sets of core competencies.

If a specialist position is challenging to fill, we can assist by presenting you with qualified candidates.

Limited Search is designed to help with recruitment projects that do not necessarily require a full Search & Selection recruitment process.


Capax offers a selection of highly skilled and qualified IT specialists, engineers, and managers and leaders with a STEM background for short term or project-based freelance engagements.

This option can be relevant if your company experiences higher demand during certain times, has a sudden need for extra employees, or is not in a position where hiring more permanent employees is advisable.

A project or temporary hire can lead to permanent hiring after an agreed-upon period, should both parties desire.

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Personality test

A personality test can be a valuable part of a recruitment process as a parameter for identifying suitable candidates.

The personality test is used as a supplement to other tools, including, for example, interviews.

We offer to perform personality tests of candidates as part of our recruitment process and personality testing of candidates or employees who are not part of a recruitment process with Capax.

We are certified in the MPA and OPQ32 personality tests.

Job Advert Creation

At Capax, we have a deep knowledge of STEM-heavy industries, and a unique understanding of what factors contribute to strong candidates wanting to work for certain companies and organisations.

We can offer a high-quality, specific sparring process in connection with creating job descriptions and adverts that help you attract the perfect profiles and best talent out there.


Having to let one or more employees go is hard for both the employees and your company. Both parties have many things to consider, not least how to ensure that the employee or employees are best equipped for their next career steps. This is core to helping all parties through a difficult time and process.

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