We are actively pursuing gender equality.

We are committed to finding the best candidates, based solely on their skills and competencies.

When there aren’t enough female candidates, we make an extra effort to bring in more. This means we continue to identify candidates in our search processes until there is the desired gender balance.

The recruitment process at Capax is not just search & selection, we also assist our clients in designing job postings that they can use on their own platforms to be suitable for all genders. Our niche; IT and engineering is still a male-dominated field, so it is important to have an eye for gendered words, among others, if we are to have more diversity in these industries. By using the wrong language, companies can unknowingly deter competent female candidates and minimise the field of application in an already narrow industry. We’re seeing a greater demand for more diversity for tech jobs, and we’re helping to make a difference.

Our strong focus on diversity in recruitment also extends to our internal recruitment process. We don’t discriminate against candidates on the basis of gender, sexuality or creed. Our consultants are involved in the initial stages of the recruitment process, and are therefore responsible for finding the most suitable candidates, based on skills and qualifications. In doing so, they also take on a greater responsibility for increasing diversity in the companies they work for.

The Gender Diversity Pledge

We have signed The Gender Diversity Pledge, committing ourselves to actively work towards more gender balance in business, especially in executive and board positions.

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is bringing together Danish companies to make a joint commitment to the 16 principles of business for greater gender diversity. As a recruitment agency specialising in tech leadership roles, we are in a position to make a difference. Together with DI and the majority of Danish companies, we want to create a new narrative about leadership roles.

Read more about the Danish Industries Gender Diversity Plea here.

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Capax Christina

Christina Just

Managing Partner