We have a dedicated goal to become as sustainable as possible.

We find great inspiration in partners such as Novo Nordisk and Energinet, both of which are working towards energy optimisation and waste reduction.

With headquarters located in the heart of Nordhavn, Copenhagen’s new sustainable district, Capax is surrounded by sustainable solutions. In the form of DGNB-certified construction projects, with energy-efficient urban neighbourhoods, and proximity to high-class public transport, Nordhavn aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% before 2030.

We believe that competition and responsibility go hand in hand. That’s why we take great pride in following the example set by customers like BY & Havn. Through all their projects, they focus on development, not only ecological, but also social and economic environment. Sustainability for Capax means: addressing issues with an environmental focus. We also believe that optimisation is not just about more work done in less time. It is at least as important to optimize the use of daily products and resources.

How we work with sustainability

We have introduced a number of concrete measures for more sustainability in Capax


We are committed to minimising our carbon footprint. We encourage our employees to cycle, take public transport or use electric cars. Today, more than 80% of our employees either cycle or use public transport to and from work, 14% either walk or drive an electric car, while only 6% use cars powered by fossil fuels.

Paper reduction

We focus on using as little paper as possible and prefer digital documents to physical ones. When we print, it’s on recyclable paper, and our printer is preset to print on both sides, to always halve the amount of paper.

Minimal food waste

We adjust our lunch schedule according to how many people are in the office, so we reduce food waste. We have weekly vegetarian days to minimise our meat consumption. In addition, Capax provides lunch boxes for all employees, where any excess lunch can be taken home.

Energy optimization

Our office lighting system is controlled by motion sensors, so no lamps burn unnecessarily. In addition, we have installed a universal circuit breaker that shuts off all power at the end of the working day.