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GN Group Grows Sixfold

The communication with the consultants was top notch. In addition to the scheduled meetings and phone calls, there was a good handover of information throughout all the status emails. The graduate presentations were really positive. It was easy to create a personal impression of all the candidates based on the consultants’ summary.

Karl Johan Lisby, Head of DevOps & Framework, GN Hearing

Capax assisted the recruitment process when GN Group embarked on a large-scale expansion of its operations.

Due to the corona virus, many more employees have had to work from home. It has led to explosive growth in the need for professional audio equipment.

GN Group, also known as GN Store Nord, has seen its operations and market grow sixfold during the pandemic. This has led to a need for more employees, especially within the R&D and IT departments, including IT specialists, Audio Engineers and Software Engineers.

Capax have functioned as GN’s HR partner throughout the recruitment process, including assisting individual and pool recruitments. In addition, we supported and coordinated operations around interviews, tests, advisory services, salary statistics and candidate feedback.

The challenges have included the need to hire more candidates than were available in the local area. GN Group operates within fields where competent candidates are in short supply and highly sought after in a competitive market. This meant a limited number of suitable, available profiles to choose between, which complicated the recruitment process.

The situation made it even more important for Capax and GN Nord to clarify which areas outside Denmark should be included in the recruitment process.

Furthermore, Capax was tasked with clarifying if the candidates were willing to move to Denmark or if certain potential international hires were interesting enough for GN to allow them to work from abroad.

Process and Results

The assignment was solved by presenting GN Nord with potential profiles each week and making quick decisions about relevant candidates. The approach increased the volume of candidates for review and the general speed of the recruitment process.

In total, Capax was involved in identifying more than 100 suitable technical profiles. 

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Emil Plaugmann

Emil Plaugmann