Posted: 03.11.2023

Technical lead

Kriminalforsorgen / Full time

In the role of Technical Lead, you will be involved in the planning and execution of a strategic and complex digitalization project called NyX, intended to replace the Correctional Services’ more than 20-year-old client system, which was developed by VM-data and is being operated by KMD.

The client system is the case management system for the affairs of the inmates, supporting their core business. It needs to be replaced over the coming years to support the operations and future digitalization of the Correctional Services. The project’s implementation is, therefore, a strategic cornerstone for the organization.

You will be the Technical Lead for the Correctional Services in the project, responsible for planning and managing technical deliveries in the project. The purpose of the project is to create the foundation for faster and better IT support for new legislation and new digitalization needs from the Correctional Services’ business.

You will be responsible for the technical deliveries related to the new client area solution, where you will participate in the ongoing planning and management of work in the project, along with project managers, product owners, business analysts, and business experts with both technical and business backgrounds. The project is currently in the analysis phase, where a project foundation is being developed.

Currently, the Correctional Services is working on a solution based on a standard system (CRM).

Responsibilities as Technical Lead

More specifically, your responsibilities will include:

Participating in clarification of the solution and setting the framework for the development project, including leadership and management of supplier resources. Leading and guiding the development team in implementing the good solution design. Planning and participating in requirements analysis and translating them into technical designs. Setting the direction for and quality assurance of coding and development tasks. Planning and quality assurance of code reviews. Monitoring the integration of the CRM solution with other systems and handling adjustments. Identifying and addressing technical challenges and obstacles. Making decisions to keep the project on the right technical course. Quality assurance of technical documentation preparation and maintenance. Collaborating closely with the project manager to ensure compliance and progress. Collaborating closely with the head of the architecture team. As a person, you thrive in a highly varied workday that requires both deep focus and more outgoing activities such as workshops and presentations, where your excellent communication skills allow you to convey complex messages.

You already possess good planning skills but are also accustomed to changing course as needed. You are self-driven, take responsibility, and as a team player, you can also build support with your expertise and personality.

You can provide documented relevant project experience in complex IT projects from a similar role. You are also familiar with managing stakeholders effectively and understand the importance of managing stakeholders. You see contacts with suppliers and partners as a natural part of your work.

You view yourself as an experienced project leader who can both lead, manage, and be hands-on in technical analysis and development work. You are motivated by working on digitalization projects that address complex challenges.

You have a self-directed approach to your task portfolio and understand the importance of establishing a strong project team that collaborates closely with customers, suppliers, and project participants. Furthermore, you have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both in writing and verbally, and convey technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and vice versa.

You thrive in many different roles and have a broad network of colleagues with diverse expertise. You remain curious and open to technology and project management methods while keeping your eyes on the ball and prioritizing to meet deadlines.

Technical Requirements

Technical Lead In summary, a Tech Lead in a CRM implementation like NyX 2.0, with multiple releases and a supplier team, should possess both deep technical expertise and leadership skills to help guide the team, make sound technical decisions, and ensure a successful delivery of CRM functionality in accordance with the requirements.

Minimum 3-5 years of experience as a developer and 3 years as a tech lead on similar implementations.

Specific experience in:

System design and data management Planning and executing technical analysis and implementation Analysis and identification of non-functional requirements Technical project management Supplier management of technical deliveries Stakeholder management.










Segment: IT
City: Copenhagen
State/Province: Denmark