Posted: 08.04.2024

Senior Technical Project Manager

Napatech / Full time

About Napatech

Napatech is a leading provider of intelligent network solutions, specializing in high-performance networking and FPGA-based acceleration technologies. With a focus on smart network interface cards (Smart NICs), Napatech delivers advanced solutions for network monitoring, packet capture, and application acceleration. Their products leverage FPGA programmability to optimize network performance, enhance security, and support virtualized environments. Napatech’s Smart NICs provide intelligence at the network edge, enabling efficient data processing, traffic analysis, and application-specific acceleration.

As a trusted partner for companies of all sizes, Napatech plays a crucial role in enhancing network efficiency, security, and overall performance in complex computing environments. Napatech is characterized by a healthy mix of experienced people and development opportunities led by the newest technologies. Further, you will become a part of a greatly diverse department and team in terms of competencies and backgrounds.

Vision and mission:
Napatech’s vision is to be the global leader in Reconfigurable Computing Platforms leveraging their deep expertise in FPGA software helping companies of all sizes accelerate application performance and secure their networks.

The department

The Senior Technical Project Manager is an integral part of Napatech’s dynamic Research and Development (R&D) department, where innovation and excellence thrive. In this collaborative environment, the department spearheads new product development initiatives and oversees the maintenance of existing products.Their cross-functional teams bring together diverse expertise from R&D (software, FPGA, hardware, and QA) along with valuable contributions from Product Management, User Documentation, and Production/Logistics. External partnerships and collaborations with suppliers and customers further enrich the global landscape.

Operating in a global context, the R&D department spans locations in Denmark and the US, requiring the Senior Technical Project Manager to facilitate seamless coordination among team members to prevent bottlenecks, conflicts, and ensure optimal resource utilization. Furthermore, the role actively contributes to anchoring and expanding the Agile product development process within the R&D framework, promoting adaptability and efficiency.

In this department, the Senior Technical Project Manager plays a pivotal role in shaping the innovative landscape, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the successful implementation of cutting-edge solutions. Napatech’s R&D environment is one of continuous growth and achievement, where the Senior Technical Project Manager contributes to pushing the boundaries of technology and driving the company’s success.The team consists of 2 Technical Project Managers being members of the R&D Management team. The R&D Management team includes Technical Project Managers, Functional Managers from HW, SW, FPGA and System Test as well as Product Architects.

The position

Are you a seasoned Technical Project Manager with a passion for steering projects in embedded software and hardware?

In this role, you’ll be at the forefront of driving and overseeing projects that span the spectrum of new product development and the upkeep of existing products. Operating within collaborative cross-functional teams, you’ll engage with contributors and stakeholders across various company functions, including R&D (software, FPGA, hardware, and QA), Product Management, User Documentation, and Production/Logistics, as well as external partners, suppliers, and customers.

Our R&D department, where innovation thrives, is the primary contributor to projects, showcasing an 80/20 work split with other functions. This dynamic position involves steering 1-2 projects simultaneously, including major and minor initiatives, with a keen focus on time, content, quality, and cost. As the orchestrator of these endeavors, you’ll craft and maintain comprehensive project plans, encompassing timelines, internal and external deliverables, and proactive risk management.

Your role extends beyond project oversight, as you play a vital part in ensuring close coordination among team functions to prevent bottlenecks, conflicts, and guarantee the seamless implementation of product solutions. Collaboration is key, and your adept facilitation will be essential in resolving issues in tandem with technical experts within the team. Moreover, your influence will extend to anchoring and expanding the Agile product development process within our R&D framework.

Key responsibilities

  • Lead and facilitate delivery of projects covering new product development and maintenance of existing products
  • Drive 1-2 projects in parallel, typically one major and one minor projects
  • Drive cross-functional project teams with focus on time, content, quality and cost
  • Create and maintain overall plan for the project including time schedule, internal and external deliverables as well as risk management
  • Secure close coordination between functions in the team
  • Facilitate resolution of issues in close collaboration with the technical experts in the team
  • Participate in anchoring and expanding the Agile product development process in R&D

Educational background

You have an educational background within computer science, engineering, or similar field (BSc level as a minimum).

Technical experience
It is imperative that you have:

  • A solid knowledge and experience with technical management and leadership of projects based on embedded software and hardware.
  • A solid understanding of agile product development methodology such as Kanban or Scrum.
  • Solid experience in collaborating with international customers, suppliers and partners.
  • A demonstrated capability working with embedded software development at system level:

– Linux and/or Windows

– C programming language

– Software release and configuration management

– Software test


  • A demonstrated capability working with hardware development at system level:

– PCB design, layout and certification

– PCB assembly and production test

Furthermore, it is an advantage if you have

  • Experience with network protocols at system level (e.g. HTTP, TCP/IP, ethernet)
  • Experience with server architecture at system level (e.g. CPU, memory, disc, network)










Segment: IT
City: Søborg
State/Province: Denmark