Posted: 22.02.2024

ERP Consultant

KeyBalance / Full time

About KeyBalance

KeyBalance A/S is a Danish-owned software company that develops, produces, implements, and supports ERP and financial systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

KeyBalance offers various packages of its system to cater to a wide range of business types. Their customer groups include machinery dealers, trading companies, hauliers, manufacturing companies, lock and alarm companies, as well as plumbing and electrical companies with anywhere from 3 to 500 employees. KeyBalance’s system is designed to suit all types of businesses but can also be easily customized to meet the specific needs and processes of each individual business.

About the Department

KeyBalance currently has 14 employees, four of whom are full-time IT support staff, while the rest are part of consultancy teams. Educationally, KeyBalance’s employees have a wide range of backgrounds, with no common denominator in terms of where they were educated or their field of study. Instead, KeyBalance values the ability to take an analytical approach to problem-solving, great initiative, and the ability to quickly absorb new knowledge.

KeyBalance is characterized by an informal leadership style, offering a high degree of trust. There’s plenty of room at the top, and from the outset, you will help shape the role you wish to play as an ERP consultant. Decision-making processes are short, and you will have ample opportunity to influence important decisions and contribute your ideas for new solutions, processes, or workflows.

The ERP Consultant Position

As an ERP consultant at KeyBalance, you will enter an exciting, challenging, and educational environment where you will experience a high degree of ownership and involvement in your projects from the start. Business and IT come together to create smooth and efficient operations, and with your drive and initiative, you will develop solutions that optimize the client’s business processes and ease the workload across the company. In other words, you become the master of interpretation, translating complex business processes into tailored ERP solutions.

From start to finish, you will be involved in the process, from requirement specification and configuration to testing and user training. You are not just an expert on the solutions; you are a bridge between IT and business, and your role is crucial for creating a frictionless and efficient workday for the company’s employees.

Your day will be filled with variety, where you not only solve technical challenges but also create added value through understanding the core of the business. You become the extended arm of the company, documenting the system’s journey, ensuring error-free implementation, and continuous improvement.


Your responsibilities as an ERP consultant will be broad and will include:

  • Requirement Analysis: Gathering and analyzing customer requirements and business processes to understand how the ERP system needs to be customized to meet the company’s needs.
  • Implementation: Participating in implementation projects, including configuring and customizing ERP software to meet customer requirements. This may involve setting up modules, user rights, workflows, and reporting.
  • User Training: Training users within the company on how to use the new ERP system correctly. This may include creating training materials and providing personal instruction.
  • Support: Providing support to users after implementation. Helping solve problems, answer questions, and handle troubleshooting.
  • Documentation: Maintaining accurate documentation of configurations, customizations, and procedures. This helps ensure that the team has clear guidelines and traceability for future updates and maintenance.
  • Process Improvement: Identifying opportunities for process improvements within the company by leveraging the full potential of the ERP system. This often involves working closely with the company’s stakeholders to understand their needs and challenges.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Assisting in configuring and customizing reporting tools within the ERP system. This involves working with data to extract meaningful insights and support management decisions.


We envision that you have a background in business and/or IT. Most importantly, you have a strong drive and expertise.

As a person, you are proactive and quality-oriented. You have strong analytical skills, a structured approach to work, and the courage to try new things.

Professional Experience

You do not necessarily need to have experience with ERP systems from previous jobs. However, it would be a significant advantage if you have several of the following skills and experiences:

  • Experience in a hands-on role within programming or automation, e.g., Excel macros or similar.
  • Accustomed to working with large data sets.
  • Understanding of business processes, process optimization, customer contact, sales, and relationship building.
  • A strong analytical eye with attention to detail.

Furthermore, it would be beneficial if you:

  • Have experience with integrations and/or implementations.
  • Have specific consultancy experience from previous jobs.
  • Have experience working in other ERP systems.

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Segment: IT
City: Bagsværd
State/Province: Denmark