Posted: 14.09.2023

Department Manager 

ATP / Full time

The ATP group is Denmark’s largest pension and administration company, comprising over 3000 employees in pension management, investment, and administration. ATP is dedicated to ensuring a secure future for Danes and creating value through pension management, investments, and the administration of welfare services.

ATP plays a crucial role in securing a secure economic future for Danes. As the manager of ATP Lifelong Pension, they contribute to ensuring that Danes have financial security and more to live on when they retire. In addition, ATP administers the disbursement of various welfare and security benefits, including holiday pay, state pension, housing support, and maternity benefits.

ATP is proud to be involved in these processes, which affect almost all citizens and businesses in Denmark, ensuring their close connection to the Danish people. Each year, ATP interacts with almost half of all Danes, either in connection with state pension, work-related injuries, or the disbursement of holiday pay.

In ATP, their ambitions are high, and they also place great importance on well-being. They believe that a balance between work and private life is crucial, and therefore offer flexible working conditions and value individual needs.

The Department

In this role, you will be responsible for the department: Operational and project risk. Their tasks are diverse, and they have close contact with various business areas in ATP. The main task of the department is to identify and implement improvements within risk assessment and measurement in close collaboration with the first and second lines of defense. They support the business by identifying, assessing, managing, and reporting risks present in operations or specific projects. An important task in this regard is to translate methodology into practical requirements and contribute to a robust and transparent risk culture to protect ATP’s reputation.

The department currently consists of 5 skilled colleagues who are specialists in governance, business processes, process documentation, and risk management. The department is responsible for risk assessments, contingency plans, concepts, and governance for business processes. The department is characterized by being very proactive, as they contribute to ensuring solid risk management and effective governance throughout the organization.

The ambition for the department is to become even better at collecting and using data and streamlining the preparation of various reports in an easy and intuitive manner, automating several parts to facilitate work.

The Role

As the department manager for Operational and Project Risk, you will be responsible for adapting risk assessment processes to the business’s needs in collaboration with the second line of defense. You have a particularly important role as governance, risk assessment, and management are strategic focus areas for ATP, and here you will contribute to creating a robust and transparent risk culture.

In the role, it is important that you can gather the right people around the table and ensure that specialized employees thrive and perform, which is why you need to have curiosity and understanding of their field of expertise. An important task in this regard will be to build good relationships across the organization and between the first, second, and third lines of defense.

It is essential to emphasize that the department and this role are a supporting and enabling function rather than a controlling function. You move between the first and second lines of defense and support the preparation of reports needed in the second line of defense and the board.

As department manager, you will ensure an overview of the department’s task portfolio and prioritize and ensure progress. The ability to translate strategic needs into concrete actions and distinguish between the importance of tasks will be crucial. You will also contribute to coherence across the department and ensure that the department reaches its goals together and is presented as a unified entity in the solutions.


  • Ensuring specialized employees thrive and perform well
  • Building good relationships widely in the business and across the first, second, and third lines of defense
  • Ensuring an overview of the department’s task portfolio and prioritizing and ensuring progress
  • Making things happen and distinguishing between what’s nice to have and what’s necessary
  • Contributing to coherence across the department and the various deliverables, so the department appears as a unified entity in the solutions


It is important that you:

  • Master stakeholder management at multiple organizational levels from corporate management to employees.
  • Have experience with operational risk management
  • Have extensive communication skills, and you can bring the right people to the table to ensure support and progress.
  • Are curious, dare to challenge the existing, and use your critical thinking constructively to improve risk management in an efficient and value-adding way.
  • Have leadership qualities and know what it takes to motivate and ensure well-being among employees
  • Understand how to facilitate and support departments rather than control them.








Segment: IT
City: Hillerød
State/Province: Denmark