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Technical Profiles for the Danish Military

Capax has signed a three-year framework agreement with the Danish military covering the recruitment of technical specialists.

The Danish military has changed its recruitment strategy and approach to attracting new IT specialists and engineers. Previously, the Danish military handled recruitment internally. Instead, it wished to engage an external recruitment agency to undertake the headhunting of specialists.

In 2020, Capax won a three-year framework contract with the Danish military for the search and recruitment of the desired technical profiles.

Capax is tasked with continually identifying relevant profiles with the needed technical expertise. Successful candidates will be responsible for managing and solving the complex and often societally critical tasks the Danish defence forces undertake.

Capax’s most important task is finding candidates who have previously worked with complex tasks within this sector. Among other areas, we are working on finding profiles for IT architecture and cybersecurity.

Process and Results

Thanks to our professional and industry expertise, Capax has analysed the market and created clear insights, strategies, and processes for identifying, attracting, and hiring technical profiles for the Danish military.

We continually work with recruitment in this sector and constantly develop our recruitment process.

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Emil Plaugmann

Emil Plaugmann