Recruitment process – full search

How our process works

Each recruitment will have an assigned recruitment team that is responsible for the recruitment. The recruitment will be controlled by an experienced recruitment specialist who will, along with a recruitment consultant and a researcher, ensure that the task will be solved within the defined framework with focus on speed and quality.

All information collected in the recruitment process is treated with utmost confidentiality. It is the client’s responsibility to advice Capax on what information can be revealed to the chosen candidates during our search process and what information must be kept strictly confidential. At all times, Capax will comply with the client’s guidelines.

The process takes approximately 7 weeks and will be going through the following six stadies:

  1. Preparation of job profile
  2. Strategy and search
  3. Screening of candidates
  4. Presentation and first interview
  5. Second interview
  6. Hiring of candidate

Capax has a lot of focus on involving the costumer throughout the process because it will create an optimal process and then secure that the right candidate will get the position.

Recruitment process