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Novafos / Full time

About Novafos

Novafos is one of Denmark’s largest water and wastewater companies, resulting from a merger of six utility companies with around 340 dedicated employees. Novafos is owned by nine municipalities: Allerød, Ballerup, Egedal, Frederikssund, Furesø, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Hørsholm, and Rudersdal. They perform a wide range of utility tasks related to water and wastewater, including the operation of 16 waterworks, 18 wastewater treatment plants, and around 1,300 pumping stations. In addition to daily operations, they are responsible for renovating and constructing infrastructure projects, with construction projects totaling approximately DKK 900 million this year. Their goal is to be an efficient and sustainable utility company that meets sector efficiency requirements and focuses on environmental, climate, and service quality.

About Business Development

Novafos consists of professional focus areas, with “Water” and “Wastewater” being central. Management systems are one of the topics related to business development. The management system plays a critical role in defining how the entire organization operates, from operations to the board. Novafos aims to make the management system more accessible and engage both management and employees in its use and development. The team currently consists of 7 dedicated employees working with standards, annual planning, asset management, and sustainability. Each employee brings unique expertise and commitment to the team, creating a dynamic and effective working group.

About the Team Leader Position at Novafos

Novafos is looking for a skilled Team Leader for their Management System. As a team leader, you will play a central role in the organization and be responsible for the following:

  • Leadership of the team for sustainability and certification.
  • Allocation of resources within the individual areas of the team.
  • Overall responsibility for the continuous maintenance and improvement of their management system.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant ISO standards and requirements.
  • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement where suggestions for improvements and deviations are systematically recorded and addressed.
  • Managing ongoing developments within the certification area and preparing the organization for future certifications and requirements.
  • Supporting the entire organization in efforts to reduce climate impact and contribute to climate adaptation projects.

You will be the one setting the overall direction for the department and have the ability to establish frameworks for improving and developing processes and systems. You should be a skilled leader who can collaborate across departments and employees, promote a culture, train in systems and information, and ensure that the organization complies with standards and guidelines correctly. Additionally, you will lead management meetings, director meetings, and ensure that leaders are well-versed in the management system and ISO standards. Cross-organizational communication is crucial, and you should be able to build strong relationships and make collaboration work efficiently across the organization.

You will have a central role in ensuring that Novafos complies with international standards and best practices in management systems and ISO standards while contributing to their goals of reducing climate impact. If you want to be part of their exciting and development-oriented environment, where you can make a difference, this job may be for you.

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Segment: Engineering
City: Birkerød
State/Province: Denmark