Region Hovedstaden

Segment: IT
City: Måløv
State/Province: Region Hovedstaden

Posted: 15.06.2023

Senior Infrastructure Architect (HPC & Cloud)

Anonym virksomhed / Full time

Senior Infrastructure Architect

The position of Senior Infrastructure Architect plays a pivotal role in designing and optimizing the overall HPC and infrastructure strategy, artefacts, and see through its implementation in coordination with our HPC & Cloud Engineering teams and vendors.

Some of your core responsibilities would be to:
  • Define and execute the strategic roadmap for cloud infrastructure and HPC systems to align with research and early development objectives and to support the overall business strategy.
  • Design scalable, secure, and resilient infrastructure solutions for demanding computational requirements, hereby HPC environments, including clusters, grids, and multi-cloud platforms (AWS and Azure).
  • Optimize HPC infrastructure for efficient resource utilization, parallel processing, and high throughput, including security protocols, access controls, and data protection measures.
  • Define roadmap for phasing out old on-prem infrastructure and lay down strategy to replace and modernize it.
  • Help in establishing observability platform to proactively monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and implement solutions for optimal performance and uptime.
  • Work closely with the business (researchers and scientists), engineering teams, and HPC professionals to develop standards and partake in core technology initiatives to ensure Research & Development requirements are captured and developed.
  • Assist in establishing a Sandbox model to support proof-of-concept (POC) research environments, enabling researchers to conduct innovative experiments and explore new ideas within a controlled and secure environment.


You find it important to ensure stable platforms and applications for our researchers, and at the same time you are excited to work with new technologies and can quickly learn new concepts. You are curious and enjoy engaging with various stakeholders across DD&IT and Research organization. 

In addition to this, the ideal candidate will have previous experience with the following:

  • 6+ years of experience working with high performance computing (HPC) and cloud infrastructure.
  • Strong knowledge and hands-on experience in building HPC software/hardware interface & architecture.
  • A degree at minimum BA level in Computer Science, Engineering, or another relevant field.
  • Experience in designing, deploying, and managing multi-cloud infrastructure environments (AWS and Azure).
  • In-depth understanding of security best practices, data protection, and compliance requirements.
  • Proficiency in scripting and automation tools for infrastructure management to be able to guide and collaborate with Cloud & HPC Engineering teams.
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving and analytical skills.

Furthermore, you like to take on the responsibility of counselling and working closely with your stakeholders. You are team-oriented and have a strong personal drive to achieve goals. We expect you to be service-minded and thrive in a busy environment.