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Slået op: 03.12.2021

Senior Frontend Developer

Full time / Capax Recruitment / Danmark

Banking Circle is a next-generation provider of mission-critical financial services infrastructure leading the rise of a super-correspondent banking network. Banking Circle is a fully licensed bank able to deliver financial infrastructure at low cost, compliantly and securely. Banks and Payments businesses can now access real-time payments allowing them to seize market opportunities without having to commit to significant investment in their own internal infrastructure.

Banking Circle is empowering financial institutions to support their customers’ international trading ambitions, without the need for multiple banking relationships, whilst reducing risk and the operational cost of transactions. Businesses that were previously financially excluded are now able to participate in the digital economy in a way which was not previously possible.

Banking Circle is characterized by a healthy mix of experienced people and development opportunities led by the newest technologies. Further, you will become a part of a greatly diverse department and team in terms of competencies and backgrounds.

Currently, Banking Circle consists of 350 people with 41 different nationalities spanning across their offices in Luxembourg, Denmark, UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Department:
Banking Circle aims to be a best-in-class employer where innovation and career development is going hand in hand. To support that, Banking Circle is looking to hire more talented stars who wants to join a team of highly skilled and dedicated developers focusing on delivering our solution.

You will be joining a department with 55 employees divided into agile feature teams. All teams consist of frontend developers, backend developers, tech analysts, and testers, while there is a number of DevOps working across the different teams.

In this department you will be a part of a cross-functional agile team with other talented and highly skilled colleagues that continuously works on making an impact that pioneers the industry and creates instant value for their clients.
The culture in Banking Circle is characterized by an informal, international, and diverse environment. The organisation isn’t that static, which means there is still plenty of room for new ideas and thinking outside the box.

Your personality is seen as just as important a factor as your technical skills and competencies. Therefore, you will be matched with the team where you have the best chemistry with the other team members and team lead, ensuring that you will continually develop both technically and personally.


The Position:
As a part of this cross-functional agile team you will participate in building a high-end product from scratch. In this position, there is no old legacy code to maintain, but instead the focus is on developing and working with the newest technologies, where all of Banking Circle’s products is fully integrated in Azure.

You will be part of a very talented frontend team that is divided into vertical, feature teams based on business domains. You will have ownership of the entire frontend process, and work with the mantra: “You build it – You own it”, ensuring that you can fully define and influence your work.

Banking circle’s applications are built using some of the latest technologies in the JavaScript domain, such as: React, GraphQL, NextJS, Jest, and Cypress.

As a person, you are pro-active and quality oriented. You have strong analytical skills, a structured way of working, and the courage to try new things.

Furthermore, you are expected to be a dependable and knowledge-sharing team-player that cooperates well at all levels of an organization. As Banking Circle is an international company it’s a requirement, that you are fluent in English, both verbally and in writing.


Key Responsibilities

  • Write performance and clean code
  • Plan, estimate, and solve complex technical problems
  • Support your team with code reviews, testing, and development
  • Coordinate your efforts with the team, product, and design
  • Improving upon our development processes and conventions

To be the right candidate for this position, we expect you to have demonstrated capabilities from a similar role, where you have worked as Frontend Developer/Fullstack Developer and delivered excellent results.


  • You have 5+ years of experience in building web applications using React and various state management solutions, such as Redux.
  • Experience with JavaScript testing tools and have good knowledge of writing unit, integration, and end-to-end tests.
  • You have a diligent approach to unit- and integration testing, not only focusing on code coverage percentages but also writing tests that exercise the right part of your code.
  • You find great enjoyment in delivering a good user experience and take pride in good engineering and craftsmanship.
  • If you have worked with a UI library, GraphQL experience and Azure YAML pipelines and have financial domain knowledge it is seen as an advantage.