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MedWare/ Full time

About the company:

MedWare is a Danish IT company founded in 2008, specializing in developing user-friendly and efficient digital solutions within the healthcare sector. The company has received acknowledgments such as Gazelle awards and Success Company awards in recent years. MedWare focuses on improving patient pathways and workflows by developing digital tools that enable more active participation in their own treatment for citizens.

About the department:

The department consists of a dedicated team of 7 individuals, with key personnel having backgrounds as developers. The development team is characterized by their specialization in various technologies and broad understanding. MedWare also has a house manager and an accounting manager who support operations. The company works agilely and prioritizes close collaboration and a flexible approach to tasks.

About the position:

In the role of IT Developer at MedWare, you will be responsible for the development and operation of solutions. You are expected to handle your own tasks and collaborate closely with colleagues. As MedWare experiences increasing demand, they are seeking a competent and eager-to-learn colleague to contribute to the company’s growth. You will become part of an agile team where days start with common check-ins and opportunities to plan collaboration around projects. In the role of IT Developer at MedWare, you will be introduced to a broad tech-stack and have ample opportunities for professional and personal development through sparring with colleagues. The focus will be on app solutions for the healthcare sector, where you will be involved from start to delivery of new projects in 2024. MedWare offers a supportive work culture where there is room for curiosity and collective task lifting.


As an IT Developer at MedWare, your responsibilities will include:

  • Communication with customers to understand needs and present solutions.
  • Independent and collaborative project management.
  • Proactive handling of IT-related challenges and problem-solving.
  • Working with TypeScript for developing technological solutions.
  • Focusing on creating user-friendly designs and interactions for a positive user experience.
  • Active participation in collaboration with colleagues and collective task solving.
  • Applying technical expertise to meet various project requirements and ensure an innovative development process.

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Odense C



Segment: IT
City: Odense C
State/Province: Denmark