Posted: 26.01.2024


Lærernes a-kasse / Full time

About the company:

The Teachers’ Unemployment Insurance Fund (LAKA) is an unemployment insurance fund dedicated to teachers and educators within kindergartens, primary schools, independent primary and secondary schools. With approximately 70,000 paying members and an additional 3,000 student members, LAKA serves as an economic safety net for educators, offering unemployment benefits, early retirement benefits, and support for the quick reemployment of unemployed members. Established in 1985, the company is business-oriented with a diverse staff of 85 people, including student assistants. LAKA is headquartered in Copenhagen with smaller branches in Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Odense.

About the department:

In this role, you will be part of a small, ambitious IT team at LAKA, which has just implemented a new IT setup in collaboration with a new IT service provider and four other unemployment insurance funds. The department’s focus is to ensure modern and secure digital journeys and to provide efficient digital tools to colleagues. With a base in Copenhagen and smaller branches scattered across the country, the department works closely with job and career consultants to optimize and innovate within IT.

About the position and responsibilities:

As an IT Business Consultant, you will be responsible for the digital development of LAKA. Your primary tasks include developing and maintaining LAKA’s core system, Modulus, with a particular focus on unemployment benefits, insurance, and the job-related area. You will also handle law changes, corrections, and updates in the case processing systems Portalen and SBT. The role also involves acting as a Test Manager, coordinating the planning and execution of all tests at LAKA and leading collaboration with super users and suppliers. You will also be responsible for error handling, prioritizing help desk cases, and providing support to case processors.

Responsibilities in the position include:

  • Leadership and facilitation of collaboration with LAKA’s IT coordinators
  • Prioritization and support for case processors regarding help desk cases
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosis, and reporting of errors
  • Mapping and optimization of workflows, processes, and automations
  • Conducting tests on systems as a Test Manager
  • Implementation of new legislation
  • Preparation of user guides
  • Ensuring good data processing

You will contribute to the team by translating business needs into digital solutions, participating in dialogue with partners and suppliers about solutions, and overseeing project management and participation, including the preparation of requirement specifications and solution descriptions. LAKA values independence, proactivity, and an open approach to innovation and optimization. There is a good balance between work and private life, and the company has a positive and social work culture.
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Copenhagen K



Segment: IT
City: Copenhagen K
State/Province: Denmark