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Energy Consultant

Civica / Full time

Civica is a strong housing association in the Funen region of Denmark, with more than 12,000 housing units distributed among 131 housing departments. They aim to be the obvious choice for housing, achieved through a diverse range of housing options and excellent tenant services.

Their housing offerings range from youth apartments and family homes to senior co-living communities spread across several municipalities in Funen. At Civica, they are forward-thinking and open to change. Their goal is continuous growth and development of their housing units and residential areas.

As a nonprofit organization founded on broad tenant democracy, they create spaces for good living, secure homes, and strong communities. Civica places a special focus on sustainability, encompassing social, economic, and environmental aspects. This contributes positively to the lives of individual tenants and helps create diverse cities and residential areas. Civica aims to lead the way and takes responsibility for ensuring the future sustainability of the housing sector for generations to come.

Civica’s values are: Forward-thinking, Service-minded, and Citizenship.

About the Building and Operations Department

You will become part of the Building and Operations Department, which is responsible for all building and operational projects at Civica. These tasks vary widely and can include acting as the client for new construction, major renovation projects such as the transformation of Vollsmose, daily maintenance, and renovation of existing buildings, including technical installations, windows, doors, roofs, and more.

You will join a team of 21 dedicated colleagues, including seven project managers on the construction side and nine inspectors on the operational side, offering ample opportunities for collaboration, development, and a work environment characterized by teamwork and open communication.

The department’s educational background is diverse, comprising seven engineers and ten construction specialists, most of whom have a background in craftsmanship with varying levels of experience. This ensures a strong and dynamic professional community where you will play a crucial role in supporting the continued development in the energy field.

You can read more about their current projects via the following link:

The projects primarily involve maintenance and refurbishment projects, ranging from small to large-scale projects of up to approximately DKK 20 million. Civica places great importance on internal collaboration, working closely with colleagues across the organization who are involved in construction and operational projects.

About the Position as Energy Consultant

The new Energy Consultant will be responsible for optimizing energy consumption in the housing departments in collaboration with inspectors and property managers. You will also be responsible for planning and implementing the green transition in energy at Civica, including concrete energy policies that will form the basis for Civica’s future sustainability efforts.

You will have overall responsibility for improving energy efficiency by optimizing existing systems and implementing digital solutions that ensure optimal operation and monitoring.
As an energy consultant at Civica, you will also provide input on new construction and major renovation projects (comprehensive plans) in Funen.

In the role of energy consultant, you will act as a project manager for approved energy projects and oversee coordination and execution. In close collaboration with the operational team and external consultants, you will ensure that the best ideas and solutions are incorporated into the projects. You will take on the responsibilities and roles of the client, focusing on solutions, energy, economics, and professionalism.

In this newly created position, you will play an important role in supporting the continued development in the field of energy, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Responsibilities in the Energy Consultant Position

In your role as an energy consultant at Civica, you will work on developing the professional and strategic aspects of the energy field. Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Technical Responsibilities

  • Mapping energy consumption at Civica, including consumption monitoring, setting up alarms, and ensuring accurate data.
  • Technical collaboration with project managers, inspectors, and property managers regarding operation, renovation, new construction, and participating in commissioning and start-up of new/renovated facilities.
  • Project management for energy projects, including procurement and implementation of renovation projects in the departments in collaboration with the operational team.

Strategic Responsibilities

  • Energy management – Responsible for developing energy policies with objectives and action plans, as well as a schedule for implementation.
  • Responsible for setting energy-saving goals, identifying and calculating energy savings. This includes defining critical operating parameters and contributing to departmental maintenance plans.
  • Searching for opportunities and applying for funding for energy improvement projects through the EU, foundations, and other sources.

Professional Experience

You have a relevant education, such as energy technology, chief engineer, engineer, or similar.

Regardless of your background, you have significant experience in energy management, including working with concrete energy policies, and a strong sense of economics, processes, and planning.
In addition, it is advantageous if you have:

Knowledge of technical building operation, energy optimization, and data analysis (preferably from another client organization, consultant, social housing association, or contractor).
Understanding of the construction phases and possess good communication and negotiation skills.

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