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About CCL Scandinavia

CCL Scandinavia A/S is an integral part of the CCL Group, which delivers custom-designed technical solutions for building and infrastructure constructions worldwide. The company currently offers sought-after solutions in post-tensioned structures covering both horizontal and vertical constructions within infrastructure and building sectors.

CCL Scandinavia A/S leverages the numerous sustainable benefits of embracing post-tensioning technology, which helps reduce the amount of steel and concrete used. This advanced method utilizes reinforcement and concrete in combination, subjecting the concrete to compression, leading to structural efficiency and reduced material consumption. The result is sleeker and more durable buildings that not only optimize resources but also require less maintenance over time.

From its office in Værløse, the company has around 30 employees in Denmark, serving clients nationwide as well as selected locations in Sweden. The company has subsidiaries in Norway and Sweden, making the total Scandinavian organization about 80 employees strong. Within 2 to 3 years, the company will have a brand-new headquarters in Lynge, marking an exciting development. Together with its subsidiaries in Norway and Sweden, the company is ISO 9001 certified. The company has been involved in the construction of iconic projects such as the Great Belt Bridge, Lighthouse in Aarhus, and Bella Sky. Additionally, the company is responsible for supplying custom-made corrugated metal pipes for the Fehmarn Belt link.

The post-tensioning department is a central part of CCL Scandinavia A/S, with the main purpose of ensuring efficient and timely completion of post-tensioning processes. The team consists of competent and experienced engineers and installers who possess a deep understanding of post-tensioning technology. Together, they work to ensure the delivery of high-quality products to customers. The department focuses constantly on innovation and continuous improvement, always exploring new methods and technologies to enhance various processes and products.

The Role of Department Manager

In the role of department manager, you will occupy a crucial position with the opportunity to influence the continued development of a key business area within post-tensioning at CCL Scandinavia A/S and the industry as a whole in Denmark. Your position involves direct reporting to the managing director and integrated presence in the management team. You will be part of an international group of dedicated professionals, engaging in demanding projects and contributing innovative ideas to the future construction industry.

Your responsibilities as department manager include leadership tasks, strategic development, sales, and project management. About half of your focus will be on project and department management, while the remaining portion will be dedicated to sales activities, including bid calculation, customer follow-up, and deal closure.

In terms of customers, the majority of your sales activities will involve existing customers, with a supplementary effort to expand the customer base. In this role, it is expected that you exude an outgoing personality and possess excellent communication skills. Additionally, an analytical approach, problem-solving ability, and dedication to targeted work are crucial. The position also requires motivation for collaboration, relationship building, as you will serve as a link between our partners, our own factory, and your own team.

You will experience significant focus on your personal development through comprehensive training programs and support. Through thorough introduction, you will build expertise in post-tensioning and develop a deep understanding of the industry. Your workplace will be in Værløse, but you will also participate in meetings and activities in our Scandinavian subsidiaries. Occasionally, there may be overnight stays required.








Segment: Engineering
City: Værløse
State/Province: Denmark