Closed IT assignments

Examples of IT recruitments

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This is a selection of our closed IT assignments:

º NET Developer
º 3D Expert
º Algorithm Development Engineer
º Android Developer
º Application Specialist
º Backend/business Specialist
º BI Developer
º BI Aolution Architect
º BI/Analytics Manager SAP
º Bid Manager
º Business Analyst
º Business Intelligence Consultant
º C# Backend Developer
º C# Software Developer
º C# Software Developer
º Collaboration & Messaging Specialist
º Consultant – ISO 27001
º Consultant – Privacy
º Consulting, Business process SAP
º Continuous Delivery Developer
º CRM Senior Consultant
º Data Scientist
º DSP/Embedded Software engineer
º DSP/Embedded SW engineer
º Enterprise Arkchitect
º Business consultant for business development
º Business Developer for eBanking
º FPGA Developer

º Frontend Designer
º Frontend Developer
º Frontend GUI/HMI specialist
º Networks specialist
º Player Developer
º Product Manager
º Profile for SAP procurement
º Project Manager (SAP)
º Project Manager or Team Lead
º Project manager, SCADA
º Project Manager, SRO/CTS
º R&D RF Hardware Developer
º SAP Responsible Warehouse Management
º SAP Consultant
º SAP Finance Consultant (HANA)
º SAP Finance Consultant
º SAP Solution Architect – SCM
º SCADA Strategic Product Developer
º Scrum Master, C2 Development Team
º Senior Applications Consultant
º Senior BI Solution Architect
º Piping Teamlead
º Senior Consultant AX
º Senior Consultant CIO Advisory
º Senior Consultant SSOA IT
º Senior Database Developer
º Senior Developer (Middleware)
º Senior EPM Consultant
º Senior Hardware Engineer
º Senior Java developer (Copenhagen)

º Senior Microsoft AX Solution Architect
º Senior SAP Finance Consultant
º Senior SAP Procurement Consultant
º Senior Service Management Consultant
º Senior Solution Architect
º Senior System Architect
º Senior System Developer
º Service Management Consultant
º Software & Automation Developer
º Software Architect
º Software Automation Developer
º Software Developer – Java
º Software Developer – Java and C++
º Software Developer – NFV
º Software Developer C#
º Software Developer for 3D application
º Software Project Lead
º Software Prototypes
º Software Test Developer
º Software Test Engineer
º Software Test profile for test framework
º Software developer/architect
º Softwaredeveloper C# – UI/UX
º Solution Architect
º Solution Manager
º SW Developer
º System developer/architect
º System Test Developer
º System Test Project Lead
º UC Specialist