Closed engineer assignments

Examples of engineer recruitments

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This is a selection of our closed assignments within engineering:

ºResponsible for product developmentº Automation Engineer
º Boiler Engineer
º Bridge Engineer
º Build Automation Engineer
º Burner System Engineer
º Chief Building Engineer
º Commissioning Field Engineers
º Commissioning Manager for Offshore Substations
º Construction Engineer
º Construction Engineer, Bridges
º Controls Engineer, Subject Matter Expert
º Design Automation Engineer
º Design Engineer
º District Heating Enigneer
º Drilling Equipment Engineer
º EL / SRO engineer
º Electrical Automation Engineer
º Electrical Engineer – Industrial Control and Safety Systems
º Electrical Engineer – Panel Construction
º Electrical Field Engineer
º Electrical Specialist, Subject Matter Expert
º Electro-Acoustic Engineer
º Electronics engineer
º Embedded Software Developer for Bluetooth
º Energy Engineer
º Environmental, Health & Safety – EHS Coordinator
º Equipment Project Manager
º Experienced VVS Engineer
º Construction Engineer
º Fuel Logistics Specialist
º Geotechnical engineer
º Hardware Developer
º Health Safety Environment manager
º HPLC Chemist
º HSE Engineer
º Immersed Tube Tunnel engineer
º Industry Manager
º Internal Software Consultant
º International PM, Dewatering
º International Projektleder ERTMS
º NDT Engineer
º NDT Operator
º Operation and Maintenance
º Operations Manager, Plumbing
º PE Engineer
º Pioneer in Embedded SW Development
º Pipe Design Engineer
º Piping Engineer
º Piping Teamlead
º Portfolio Manager – Tank cleaning equipment
º Principal Pipeline Engineer
º Process Engineer
ºProcess Enginer/Senior Process Engineer
º Product Development Engineer
º Production/Process Engineer
º Production Engineer
º Production Engineer – Lean
º Production Test Engineer
º Project Engineer, VVS & Ventilation
º Project Manager
º Project Manager – Electrical
º Project Manager – Mechanical
º Project Manager & Development Engineer
º Project Manager District Heating
º Project Manager to R&D Electricals
º Project manager, Dewatering
º Project Manager, Drainage systems
º Project manager, Geotechnics
º Project Manager, Supply Chain
º Project Manager, Treatment Plants
º Project Managers (electrical)
º Project Managers (mechanical)
º Project Planner
º Project Manager, Harbours
º Project Engineer
º Project Coordinator
º Project Manager
º Project Manager – PTA
º Project Manager / Waste Planner
º Project Manager
º Project manager for installations and wastewater
º Project Manager, Bridges
º Project Manager, District Heating
º Project manager, M & E responsible
º Project Manager, Purification Plant
º Project Manager, Wastewater Planning
º Project Manager / Scheduler
º Project Manager for supply  of wastewater
º PSM Engineer
º QA chemist
º QA engineer
º QA specialist
º Quality Engineer
º Quality Engineer – Incoming Inspection
º Quality Engineer – mechanical
º RAM engineer
º Regulatory Affairs Officer
º Remote desktop specialist
º Requirement Specification Specialist
º Rotating Equipment engineer
º Sales Engineer
º Senior Chemical Engineer
º Senior Construction Engineer
º Senior Electrical Engineer
º Senior Embedded SW Developer
º Senior Engineer, Mechatronic Composite
º Senior environmental specialist
º Senior Geo Structual Engineer
º Senior Geo Structual Engineer
º Senior Mechanical Engineer
º Senior Ports and Coastal Engineer
º Senior Process Technologist
º Senior Project Engineer
º Senior project manager
º Senior Project Manager, Major warranty cases
º Senior Project Manager, Portfolio Management
º Senior Project Manager
º Senior Research Scientist/Head of Section
º Senior Structural Engineer
º Security Engineer
º Security Consultant
º Software Electrical Architecture Engineer
º Specialist – Engineer
º Specialist / Hydraulics
º Wastewater Engineer / PL
º Wastewater planner
º Entreprise Manager
º Sr. Mechanical Engineer
º Sr. Software Development Engineer
º Standardisation Consultant
º Structural Disciplin Lead
º Structural Engineer
º Welding Engineer
º System Integration Engineer
º System Coordinator, Building
º System Developer/DevOps Engineer
º Team Lead – EMC Lightning
º Team Lead, Electrical Product Management
º Team Leader Jackets
º Team Leader, Material Department
º Team Leader (clima adaptation)
º Teamleader, Production – Pharma
º Technical Project Manager for R&D department
º Technical Sales Engineer
º Technical Support Engineer
º Technical Manager / Project Manager
º Technology Manager
º Technical Assistant
º Technical project manager
º Test Engineer
º Test Engineer (Acoutstic)
º Test Engineer for electric motors
º Trafiic Planner
º TS Quality Project Manager
º Tunnel engineer
º Development-oriented process consultant
º Unit Manager QC
º Maintenance manager / Ventilation
º VVM Project Manager
º Waste Water Planner
º Welding Engineer