Lead Process Engineer

A pretty easy decision

About Douglas

Nationality: English/Australian.
Education: BEng Hons Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Plymouth Polytechnic, UK) and MSc Process Technology & Management (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow).
Professional CV: Over 23 years working for major companies connected with the oil & gas industry in various parts of Europe and Australia.
Current role: Lead Process Engineer with an oil & gas company, based in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Douglas’ Testimonial

“The move to Denmark came like a bolt out blue, to be honest. I was working in Australia, when I got a phone call from Capax Recruitment. The oil & gas company is a reputable and highly respected Danish company in the industry, and my wife is Danish, so I have a connection to the country, but we had never lived there. Once I heard more about the position, it was a pretty easy decision, both for me and the family. We were excited by the opportunity to move back to Europe, and my kids, who are 8 and 11, are particularly enjoying meeting up with their extended family, learning a bit more about their heritage and experiencing the diverse cultures in Europe. They enjoy going to Esbjerg International School, which has helped make for a smooth transition. The school has students from as many as 52 countries who are split according to ability and not age.”

“Generally speaking, it has been easy to integrate ourselves. In my spare time I have started coaching the under 12’s at EfB, the local club. I teach them football and in return the kids are teaching me Danish. Generally speaking, the work-life balance is one of the good things about life here. There is also a strong focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible, and the Danish society works very well. Our quality of life in Denmark is very good.”

“My department at work is a very international one – we have people from Turkey, China, Italy, Poland, England, Kazakhstan, a couple of Australians as well as Danes. It’s the nature of the industry these days, so you have to be able to work in an multicultural environment, as much as a Danish one.”

“If I was talking with old colleagues in Australia, I think that the two main things that I would stress are (a) that there is a real opportunity to develop your experience by being exposed to a challenging workload composed of both old brownfields type work as well as exciting new developments; and on a more personal level (b) is how a move to Denmark effectively positions you and your family in the centre of Europe. Most places on the whole continent are between one and two hours away by car or plane, which is a noticeable change to the vast distances associated with living in Australia.”

“A bit of general advice for someone considering moving to Denmark and/or taking a position at a Danish company here is that you should get in touch with a few people in the country and/or company and ask then about what to expect. A visit before finally deciding whether or not to say yes would also be advisable.”