What do our candidates say?

Urban Hydraulics Engineer

From my first visit, I knew that this was a place I could see myself living

Last year, I was contacted by Capax who wanted to hear if I would be interested in working for Vandcenter Syd. I have been contacted by recruitment agencies before…

Lead Process Engineer

A pretty easy decision

The move to Denmark came like a bolt from the blue, to be honest. I was working in Australia, when I got a phone call from Capax Recruitment. (…) Once I heard more about the position, it was a pretty easy decision.

Installation Engineer

A good experience

My experience from Capax was good. Professional people and efficient way of recruiting. I have found a job that I really like.

Tunnel Engineer

The right move

I was just about finished with a project in Maastricht when I was contacted by Capax Recruitment. They told me about the position and about what they were looking for. After that I spoke with them and then the engineering consultancy company a couple of times. I was convinced that this was the right move for me.