Capax’ services

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What do we offer?

Capax’s specialties include recruiting engineers, IT-specialists and technical managers, consulting on recruitment processes, talent development and discovering and charting global talent pools. We help companies and organizations find and recruit the very best candidates, whether they are located in Sweden or anywhere else around the world.

Capax has a unique focus on – and understanding of – professional fields including:

  • IT
  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Energy, Oil & Gas, Wind Energy
  • Industry & Construction
  • Pharmaceutical & Medico-Technical Industries
  • Public Service Industries

Our services

Search & Selection
At Capax, we tailor our services to fit the specific task. We work with everything from Search & Selection tasks in Sweden to simultaneous, multinational searches in up to five countries at a time and identifying candidates that match complex professional profiles. A defining factor of our approach is that our consultants follow the entire recruitment process closely from start to finish. A specific consultant will take responsibility for ensuring that the right candidate ends up in the right position. The consultant will also be your direct contact and collaborator throughout the entire process from initial definition of what sort of employee you are looking for, to – and beyond – a successful employment. This involvement and close collaboration is part of the reason that we are not satisfied until the right candidate has been found and hired – no matter whether the candidate is found in Sweden or abroad.

Read more about the recruitment process here

Limited Search
Limited Search is designed to help with recruitment tasks that do not necessitate a full Search & Selection recruitment process. The goal of Limited Search is to give your company or organization quick and easy access to candidates that can otherwise be difficult to find or reach. Capax has created a Talent Map for several industries, charting professionals with special skills sets both local and internationally. This means that clients can use our Talent Map to find good candidates for specific open positions. For example, it can help you identify mechanical engineers, electrical engineers or project managers with relevant skills sets or levels of experience.

Capax can help you find and employ technical experts, highly qualified engineers, IT- specialists and technical managers for specific projects and temporary positions. Staffing can be particularly relevant for a company or organization experiencing peak production pressure, going through a particularly busy time or if a temporary ban on permanent contracts for new employees has been introduced. Companies and organizations usually have the option of hiring a staffing employee on a permanent contract after an agreed upon period of time.

Personality Testing
As part of our recruitment process, Capax offers to carry out personality tests of candidates. This is done in order to enhance the information available for deciding whether to hire specific candidates. Capax is MPA and OPQ32 certified.
MPA is a personality test for recruitment and for developing skills of individuals, project groups, teams or even larger organizations. MPA has popular around the world and has been translated into 20 languages. It is software-based and can be sent to the candidates or carried out over the internet.
OPQ32 is based on the candidate’s own perception of him or herself. The results give information about 32 character traits that are relevant for companies in relation to a hiring process.
We also offer to test candidates that have not been part of a Capax’ recruitment process. This is offered as an individual service.

Job Advert Consulting
Capax has a deep knowledge and understanding of the companies and organizations we work with as well as the industries they are active in. We also have extensive experience with professionals working in technical and scientific fields. We can use this knowledge to create job advertisements that will entice the perfect candidates to apply to for your open position.