Capax’ history

Shibuya crossing

Who are we?

Capax is Latin for ’capacity’ or ‘capability’. The name is chosen because we can offer our clients an extra capacity in connection with consulting, sparring and recruitment. Collaborating with Capax creates a synergy where the mix of our own and our clients’ specialties and competences increases our joint capacity and makes us capable of achieving the best possible results.

Capax Recruitment was established in August 2010 as a response to the marked growth in demand for engineers, IT-specialists and technical managers. Since the beginning, Capax has been characterized by stabile growth and we are always busy. At Capax our ambition is to solve any tasks that our clients ask us to undertake, no matter how difficult they might be – it is an ambition we pride ourselves on living up to. We are pleased by the fact that we are continually welcoming new clients and collaborators. At the same time, we have had the pleasure of seeing how our existing client relations are solid and long-lasting.

Capax has staked a solid claim on the recruitment market for engineers, IT-specialists and technical managers.